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Biodiversity & Food

WECF's overall goal for Safe Food Production and Sustainable Rural Development in the EU and EECCA region is that by 2020 all children, women and men have access to safe, regional, diverse and affordable food, free of hazardous chemicals, nano-particles and GMOs, based on fair trade and produced in harmony with nature and landscape, protecting water, soil, air and biodiversity.

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Latest News & Reports

WECF and partners all over Europe start GoodFood4All Campaign

Promotion of Healthy and Economical Agriculture and Livestock Farming
How to improve with simple means agricultural cultivation methods and local livestock farming and make them more profitable

Armenia Policy Dialogue on Agenda2030 - Women2030 Program, Yerevan, 18 June 2018
WECF and Armenian partners invited 30 Civil Society Organisations and Government representatives to prepare input for Agenda2030 UN top in July

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Latest Press Release

Save the Bees Coalition Launched
80 European NGOs gathered to form the Save the Bees Coalition, in order to pressure EU decision makers to enforce a full ban of neonicotinoids

Featured Project

Poland: Between the Rivers Bug and Narew
WECF and SIE are developing local partnerships in order to manage and cultivate 15 rural Masovian communities along the river Bug sustainable.
Donors: European Commission, DG Environment; Stefan Batory Foundation,Poland; Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FWPN), Germany, Poland
Partners: Social Ecological Institute Warsaw (SIE), Unser Land
Duration: 01/2008 - 12/2009

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Latest Publications

Economical and social empowerment of remote communities in Uganda
Publication on the impact of integrating conservation agriculture, gender, business and accessibility to financial resources on remote communities in rural Uganda

English summary of WECF publication on pesticides in surface waters in Dutch province Drenthe
WECF News & Reports News from other sources English summary of WECF publication on pesticides in surface waters in Dutch province Drenthe For our non Dutch readers we now publish an English summary of the publication about pesticide pollution in the surface waters of Drenthe

Videos on WECF's EWA programme in Kyrgyzstan
WECF's EWA programme “Empower Women, Benefit for All” in rural Kyrgyzstan leads to women empowerment, income generation for women and improved living standards

EWA: Baseline Report for Tajikistan available
The gender livelihood and socio-economic study for Tajikistan prepared by the Youth Ecological Centre, Tajikistan, and WECF is now published.

EWA: Gender and Food Security
A guidance document for practitioners

Tajik women are forced to be dependent on men due to lack of land access
A study on women and farming in Tajikistan

Gender Livelihood and Socio Economic Study - Baseline Study Georgia
Gender sensitive needs assessment rural Georgia published

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