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Constructed Wetland in Bulgaria

Constructed Wetland Implementation for On-site Treatment of Domestic Wastewater of a Childrenīs Home combined with Capacity Building for Professionals


Countries: Bulgaria
Donors: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)
Partners: Otterwasser, Germany; Ecoworld, Bulgaria;
Issues: water and sanitation,
Duration: 02/2009 - 04/2011

Constructed wetland for the treatment of domestic wastewater as decentralised solution

In Bulgaria, almost all inhabitants are served by centralised drinking water supply but 98% of the villages donīt have any adequate wastewater collection or treatment. The unsafe sanitation and wastewater system sets public health at risk and pollutes groundwater and surface waters. Especially in rural areas, there is a lack of financial, technical and staff resources, thus low-tech, cost-efficient and sustainable wastewater management systems are needed.

Technical drawing vertical-flown subsurface constructed wetland (Otterwasser):

The goal of the project is to raise awareness and to build capacity among professionals as well as citizens about extensive wastewater treatment processes which are cost-effective and sustainable.
WECF in cooperation with Otterwasser, TUHH and Ecoworld carries out the following project steps:

  • Design, construction and start-up operation of a vertical-flown, subsurface constructed wetland as demonstration onsite wastewater treatment plant (80 PE) for the childrenīs home in Vidrare, Pravetz, Bulgaria
  • Development of an advisory technical leaflet about constructed wetlands for pro-fessionals in English and Bulgarian language
  • Training for professionals during the construction
  • Organisation of a national conference about constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Sofia
  • Awareness raising about the link between hygiene, wastewater treatment and envi-ronmental protection and about extensive wastewater treatment options. Target group are school children in Pravetz.

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Inauguration of the first constructed wetland in Bulgaria
April 29, the constructed wetland for the wastewater treatment of the Home for Children and Juveniles with Mental Retardation St. Panteleimon in Vidrare, Pravetz municipality, was inaugurated
08.06.2011 | Claudia Wendland & Bistra Mihaylova

Constructed Wetlands - Sustainable and Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas Bulgaria
A national conference presenting constructed wetlands as a sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment system was held on 29th of April 2011 in Grand Hotel Sofia
08.05.2011 | Claudia Wendland & Bistra Mihaylova

Seminar in Bulgaria dedicated to first constructed wetland in Bulgaria
Seminar for professionals and authorities during the construction of the first constructed wetland in Bulgaria – a sustainable waste water system
02.12.2010 | Bistra Mihaylova & Claudia Wendland

Roundtable Dialogue on wastewater solutions for Bulgaria and Romania - Report
New European Member States Romania and Bulgaria address the looming impossibility of achieving their obligations under the EC Urban Waste Water Directive and Water Framework Directive – roundtable in Sofia looks at solutions
24.04.2010 | Sascha Gabizon

Kick-off meeting Constructed Wetlands in Bulgaria
The start of WECF's project for improvement of the sanitation conditions of St. Panteleimon Home for Children and Juveniles with Mental Retardation
12.05.2009 | Claudia Wendland

Delegation visits Constructed Wetlands in Bavaria
WECF took Bulgarian officials to a constructed wetland in operation
02.04.2009 | Bistra Mihaylova